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King Kong Vape Juice - Gorilla - Blueberry Pancake 100ml

King Kong Vape Juice - Gorilla - Blueberry Pancake 100ml

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Gorilla by King Kong Vape Juice is a brilliant gift to all you pancake lovers. This premium e-juice delivers a warm and sunny feeling like that of a lazy Sunday-morning feast. Juicy, handpicked blueberries and delicate, tangy raspberries perfectly balance the sweetness of fluffy, homemade pancakes.

On inhale you will taste the warmness of fresh-baked blueberries, bubbling with syrupy goodness, followed by an exhale of a deliciously sweet and silky and pancake batter.
The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure a truly superior blueberry pancake experience.

King Kong Vape Juice is no stranger to producing delectably memorable dessert e-liquids. From their indulging Apple Pie to the sweet freshness of their famous Cola Float, the brand seems to always deliver an exquisitely delightful and high-quality vape experience.

You’re also sure to love the new packaging design. The unique rounded bottles are quickly becoming a fan-favourite for their charming silhouette.

Gorilla, just like the rest of the delicious King Kong Vape Juice dessert range, comes in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle. 

We have no doubt that you’ll come back to this e-juice time after time for a superior juice with exceptional flavour and smoothness.
Gorilla pairs amazingly with your coffee for a genuinely beautiful morning vape but that doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted to pick it up again at all times of the day. Enjoy the perfectly golden pancakes in a delightfully satisfying combination with freshly picked, sweet blueberries for the ultimate Blueberry Pancakes e-liquid on the market.

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